Sunday, March 3, 2013


March 21st is The International Day of Struggle for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and Neon Crab Tattoos & Piercing in Strathroy will be hosting a tattoo event in support of the cause.

On March 21st, in coordination with multiple events happening around the world, the Neon Crab Tattoo studio in Strathroy will be offering "269" tattoos for those who wish to show their support for this cause.  What is "269" ?.........
269 is the number that represents the largest holocaust in the history of the man.  It is time to realize that these horrific acts are not exclusive to humans; they relate to all living creatures. Sentient beings, such as the animals we farm for food, feel pain just like we do. We must finally assume full responsibility for our behaviour and end the cycle of abuse to both humans and non-human animals. . Join us and show evidence of your compassion for animals and the fight against human laziness, apathy and ignorance.

“269” is a calf who was born on an Israeli dairy farm. His life will be ended not long after it started. By tattooing his number on our bodies, we show our solidarity with the victims of the animal holocaust all around the world, remembering to never forget.

This event will take place all day long at the new Neon Crab Tattoos and Piercings shop in Strathroy, from 11:00am until 7:00pm on a first come first served basis. The tattoo cost will be $60, (more elaborate designs will be determined based on the finished piece).  All of the equipment is disposable, and all ink is vegan and animal friendly. For more information contact us at 519-205-6366, or to contact the organizer directly visit:

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