Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pink Ink 2011!

October is fast approaching, and with it comes Breast Cancer Awreness month. So to celebrate, raise funds and awareness, we are once again holding our annual 'Pink Ink' event. This year 'Pink Ink' will be held on Saturday October 15th, 2011. For only $40 you can get yourself a pink ribbon tattoo (there are several designs to choose from) and support the fight against breast cancer. We are really excited to announce that 25% of all sales will again be donated to London's own F.A.C.E.I.T. program. For more information on the F.A.C.E.I.T. program visit There will also be plenty of handmade pink ribbon jewelry for sale with the proceeds raised going to F.A.C.E.I.T. as well. So hurry in, doors open at 11:00am on a first come first serve basis. (Don't worry though, we will get everyone done). Let's show the world how much we care, and be part of making breast cancer a thing of the past.

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