Monday, March 7, 2011

Grand Re-Opening

April 1st marks the grand re-opening of our Parkhill studio, and to get things kicked off with a blast, we are offering half price piercing. That's right, piercings for only $15!! One day only, so come early. Also the Nightcap gallery will also be opening Friday April 1st. And in concert with our grand opening celebrations, the Nightcap gallery will be holding the 'Twisted Canvas' art show. This is a fully licensed show featuring an amazingly unique collection of original artwork, solely from tattoo artists, who will all be on hand to share their insights. Some of our very own artists will have pieces exhibited in this show along with pieces from artists such as Sue Laking, Jerri Ellis, Anna Otok, and many more. So come on in for the April 1st weekend, and get pierced, meet the artists, and pick up a one of a kind original piece of artwork inspired by the tattoo artists that you know and love.

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